Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mission of Love ~ Revealed

A little over a week ago, the hearts of many rose to an occasion coordinated by a dear friend for #TeamBolton.  Below is the excerpt from her posting and my original blog post about our Super Hero Big Brother Donor Gift.
*************************************************************I started this Chip In fundraiser for two very special children: 5yo Mireya and 7yo Jalen. Many of you know the story already. Mireya was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia and last year her Super Hero Big Bro Jalen (@ 6 years old!), who was discovered to be a perfect donor match, was her a bone marrow donor. However, the transplant needs a boost, so within the next two weeks Jalen will have to be a donor once again for his sister. He has extreme anxiety about the medical procedure but knows he has to do this to help his sister. Since he has given the gift of life to his sister, it seem only fitting that he get a gift too. (My goodness, this is SOOO deserving of a reward!) All he wants is an Ipad, which we, along with his parents, are hopeful will excite him enough to ease some of his anxiety. Mireya will also be able to use this gift during her many hours in the clinic. If your heart moves you to help please click on the link below. Any little bit helps and will be a blessing to the Bolton Family. Any additional funds raised will go towards the family's medical expenses.

In less than 8 hours we raised enough for an Ipad and a few weeks of copays.  As a family we decided the Ipad would be the better choice in the long run, but a very special family knew in his heart of hearts, Jalen wanted an Ipod Touch.  With a disclaimer that it be given 'from Mommy and Daddy', they purchased the Itouch for him. Words cannot convey how much of a blessing this is to and for us.  The greater gift is seeing how a community of people (many we don't know personally), can come together to make a difference in the lives of someone else.  Over the weekend, I joined my Co-ordinator Extraordinaire and crew at the Apple Store to purchase the goodies for the kids. It was so exciting.

Jalen had his first appointment this week and he's feeling good about his Super Donor status and the things we're putting in place to support him.  Jalen's treatment will begin next week (injections, labs and assessments) followed by his hospitalization.  Our Warrior Princess will be in clinic tomorrow for at least three hours to receive a blood transfusion.  We decided to present them with their gifts tonight, and you will see they were very excited and thankful.  My Co-ordinator Extraordinaire suggested it might be a good idea to get Makinley something small so she felt included.  My feelings were that Makinley would be fine.  She had a moment, but within minutes her natural reaction and tears were turned into smiles.  About 30 minutes into playing with his Ipod Touch, Jalen asked me to please tell the friends that got these things for he and his sisters, that 'i love them'.   

Little Occupied Hands

Thank you so much for your kindess and generosity!  This is a unforgettable blessing in our journey.


  1. SOOO CUTE! Congratulations!! A few thoughts while watching this..#1 I see u guys use the same expensive gift wrapping service that I use each year at Xmas! #2 It was funny how Mackinley was about to buck until u told her the Ipod was shared. So similar to my crew that I had to smile! LOL

  2. awwww! This brings tears to my eyes! What a sweet video with sincere joy and apperciation! I loved seeing the excitement in their eyes!! Thank you for sharing and we're praying for your Warrior Princess and "helpful" Big brother (he was so cute!)

  3. Your family is awesome! You insipre me. I will continue to pray for you all. Be blessed.