Friday, June 22, 2012

We're Back

Our appointment this week was disappointing. Reya is on the line for receiving platelets and a blood transfusion.  The decision was made to hold off on any transfusions, largely based on the possibility of needing to repeat the transplant via the boost.  The preference is to limit or avoid giving Mireya any blood products that could cause an issue with the success of a second transplant.

Based on how Mireya's counts have been trending, the boost is our next viable option.  I've been praying to avoid this for both Jalen and Mireya, but we are not seeing the expected increase in her counts as hoped.  It's possible we need to give her body time, but in the grand scheme, we don't have a large window of time to work with.  We cannot allow her to languish here in a cycle of low counts, transfusions and uncertainty.  It's still very baffling to find ourselves back at one after so many months of exceptional success, but we're so thankful to have Jalen, despite how terrified he is of being his sister's donor again.

We received a call this afternoon from our Medical Team to return to the hospital after lab results showed Mireya has tested positive for an infection in her blood.  The infection has been identified as a Staph infection.  Additional test have been conducted to determine if it is MRSA.  Staph and MRSA are both very heavy hitting infections that can be life-threatening.  MRSA specifically is contracted from contact with someone that already has the infection or has cared for someone with the infection.  It is important to identify which infection it is, so a specific antibiotic can be prescribed.  Reya is currently taking a heavy hitting medication that covers a multitude of infections, but MRSA specifically is resistant to multiple antibiotics.  Her counts are also down another notch, but we'll still hold off on transfusions at least for tonight.  Mireya is doing well.  She does not have a fever, which is good.  Her hemoglobin is low, so she doesn't have the same energy she had a few weeks ago, but overall she is doing well.  A weakened immune system trying to fight off major illness is very taxing to the body, so please pray for strength and the ability to quickly recover.

The weeks have not gotten any easier and the highs and lows are absolutely draining. Everyday I pray for strength and wisdom as we oversee Mireya's care. She is our Warrior Princess and we stand alongside her suited up and ready for whatever comes our way.   We serve the ultimate Overseer who we know is able to turn this around in an instant.  The realization of how close we are to repeating this transplant has consumed me, but I've been reminded that victory 'will' come either way...turned around or going through. Keep us lifted as we wait out the testing here at the hospital and as decisions are made in the coming week about the transplant.  Nothing is impossible with or for God and ALL things work together for the good to those that love the Lord.  Loving and continuing to trust him through it all. 


  1. Lifting you guys up in prayer...and I'll be passing this along the prayer chain...wish I could help in some way..please, please lemme know of there's absolutely anything I can do...much love and hugs to you all.. :) paula

  2. If He did it before, he can do it again. Same God right now...same God back then.

    I have to keep repeating that to myself to keep in rememberance of exactly who He is as I read this post. I continue to admire you strength and faith. I will continue to pray for you. God is still in control.