Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Day of Support for CMN

The Bolton Family was contacted to participate as 'Celebrity Baggers' at a local Walmart to support the Children's Miracle Network.  Many of you remember we participated in the Radio-Thon for Children's Hospital of Richmond last year.  This year Walmart has partnered with Children's Miracle Network and a challenge was issued to area stores to add some fun to their efforts of raising money. The store that raised the most money over the last week, would have 'Celebrity Baggers' come in to allow the community to 'see' the difference they are making in the lives of who they consider their celebrities...the children and families receiving care at Children's Hosptial of Richmond (CHOR).

The Brook Road Walmart was named the winner of the challenge.  Ms. Virginia was also invited to participate in the event.  Unfortunately, there was a conflict with another previously scheduled appearance, but have no fear, the Ms. Chesterfield Princess program was in full effect. It doesn't hurt that Mireya is a patient and a Princess...have crown, will travel.  Thank you to Linda Thomas (Director, Ms. Chesterfield Princess Program) and her son, Corbin Thomas for coming out and being celebrities with us for our fifteen minutes of love and fame.  Ms. Chesterfield is a part of the Ms.Virginia/Ms. America organization and we made sure they were well represented by our program. The Children's Miracle Network is the charity of choice for the Ms. America organization, so it was a perfect pairing.

We had an awesome time serving cake, bagging groceries and thanking customers and employees for all their work and contributions.  I believe it's very meaningful to see how your donations are making a difference in the lives of others. We also had the opportunity to meet another local family of celebs.  People were touched by our presence and literally started handing us donations.  It was amazing.  One young lady inquired about which of my children was in treatment? I shared Jalen and Mireya's story and how CHOR has been such a blessing to us over this last year. Minutes later she came back to ask if we were taking donations and told me she was going to find some money to give. When she came back and handed me her donation, we embraced and she began to sing.  People around us stood in their tracks as she poured words of encouragement, blessing, and victory over Mireya and our family.  I will never forget this encounter.  Thinking about it brings tears back to my eyes, it is one of the most beautiful things I've experienced during this journey. The Lord sent a beautiful, sweet, angelic voice to profess his goodness for everyone to witness. She told me as she listened to me talking about Mireya & Jalen and how the Lord had been moving in our lives, she was moved and it stirred something up in her.  WOW...clean up on Aisle 29, someone please pass the tissues.  It took a minute before I could really get myself together.  That was such a God moment.  It blessed me beyond words.  I don't know her name, I may never see her again, but I thank her for the boldness she had to come forth and be a blessing to me.  I thank God for that outward sign of encouragement and love.

The children enjoyed sticker and candy duty, especially Ms. Sweet Tooth Makinley.  I can assure you for every Lifesaver she handed out, she ate one (the old one for you, two for me trick). The hour went by so fast. I could have stayed for another hour or maybe longer, well at least until the stickers and candy ran out.  The time we spent among those who gave large and small was wonderful.  Walmart has raised over 30 million dollars in one month for the Childrens Miracle Network. Our local area stores have raised close to $200,000 within that same time frame.  In addition to Walmart, Sam's Club, Food Lion and Rite Aid also have campaigns starting in the area.  If you frequent any of these stores consider a donation while checking out to make a difference in the life of a child and his or her family.  God Bless you all and 'Thank You' to the Children's Miracle Network and our local Children's Hospital.

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  1. Awwww! I think this is the only time you will ever hear me say, "I wish I could've been at the Brook Rd Walmart today!(on a Saturday around the 1st of the month too?)" Beautiful blessing. U just never know where its gonna come from.