Monday, June 4, 2012

Tea at The Jefferson

Last weekend the Ms. Chesterfield Princesses spent time with Ms. Jacquelyn Thomas (The Etiquette & Protocol School) for a Etiquette Workshop. I wasn't certain Mireya would be able to attend because of  health challenges earlier in the week, but I'm glad we made it. Reya's face lit up when she heard 'tea party'.  The girls learned the "do's and dont's" of dining exquisitely while enjoying tea and a variety of dainty treats.  Each Princess received a certificate, along with tokens and gifts of love at the completion of the Workshop.  These Princesses are 'certifiably fabulous' in Dining Etiquette.

The 'Princess Mums' learned a thing or two from the Princesses as we gathered at the Jefferson today for a Teddy Bear Tea.  The lovely Ms. Chesterfield, Delesia Amanda Watson was also able to join us.  All the Princesses look up to Delesia.  They especially love the beautiful 'big' crown that adorns her head. We won't talk about the mad rush and coordination it took to get Mireya to the event or how Mommy forgot Mireya's appearance gear (yikes).  Reya politely asked me 'repeatedly' not to forget her crown and sash again.  She definitely felt like one of those Sesame Street exercises where 'one of these things is not like the other'.  I'll surely work hard to avoid making that mistake again.  The girls loved hearing Delesia share about all the events leading up to the Ms. Virginia Pageant.  It's a very exciting process and we are looking forward to getting together for a Send Off Celebration as Delesia and our Ms. Chesterfield Teen, Olivia Fletcher prepare for the 'BIG' titles in a few weeks.  

Miss Lillie the Clown also visited with us at the Jefferson. Miss Lillie has some serious skills and is dangerous with a set of balloons.  The Teddy Bear Tea was a delightful way to spend the afternoon.  Pinky fingers held high while enjoying a delicious fare amongst sister girls and friends.

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