Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Mireya was discharged from the hospital over the weekend.  There was so much going on 'in the midst' of this hospitalization.  We received a call from the Head of Peds Hemoc to discuss Mireya's positive blood cultures and the medical implications.  What she did not realize is we were admitted by another team member and had been in the hospital for two days already.  She was not sure 'why' we were sitting in a hospital waiting for cultures to grow or to coincide with those taken in clinic last week, especially since Mireya was not sick and had no fever.  At this point we're very heated, couple that with the madness from the day before, there is fury.  The lack of cohesion and communication within the team was exposed.  It made us question authority, but it was also important for her to understand how this gap in connectivity negatively affected us across the board.  It's not acceptable.  The final conclusion of Mireya's testing did not show any infection.  Thank you Lord!  Staph and MRSA are heavy hitting infections that can take you down quickly.  It is believed Mireya's labs were contaminated by the person(s) that took/handled her labs that day.  This is also very unsettling. Mistakes happen, but unfortunately it's a costly mistake to our personal bottom line.  Who should we send this series of hospital bills to?  I appreciate the care and caution, otherwise I'd probably be hollering from the rooftop that not enough care was being given.  I just hate that we spent several days in the hospital for something that could have been addressed while we were at home.

Mireya's hemoglobin really took a hit this week.  Her counts were extremely low and required her to receive a blood transfusion.  We're glad to be home and have this week behind us.  Mireya's energy level has increased and she is continuing to do well despite the obvious 'war of the cells' in her body.  We'll discuss preparations for the boost at our appointment this week.  Our faith in the team has been shaken a bit this week, but our faith in God remains fully intact.  He will see us through.  This turn of events hopefully allowed our team to 'feel' our frustration (not wrath) and understand the need for more effective inter-team communication and decision making.  We know we're in very capable medical hands and overall everyone is working to do what is best for Mireya...continue to keep us and everyone involved in this process in your prayers.

TEAMS ~ Together Everyone Achieves More Success!

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