Friday, September 2, 2011

Smooth Sailing

Operation "Eliminate Pnuemonia" is in effect. Reya had a great appointment with the respiratory therapist. He loved that she 'dressed' up for the occasion. A fluffy princess tulle skirt and equally flashy rhinestone filled twinkle toes.

I was a bit concerned about the treatment based on all the precautions, but Mireya did great. The therapist was in awe of how well Reya did. She is our Warrior Princess! The process took about an hour and a half but mostly due to coordinating the dosing with her physicians. She had no issues with how the medication was administered or any immediate effects from receiving it. Mireya has been on an antibiotic for this terrible cough for a few days now and it is beginning to clear up. Thank you Lord! We will be scheduled for this respiratory treatment every 28 days until further notice. I'm believing it will continue to be smooth sailing with no issues.

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