Saturday, September 10, 2011

On Track

On the grow and still blonde in some areas
Mireya's appointment this week was quick, fast and without major issue.  She's gaining weight, full of energy and and her counts are good.  Even that lagging magnesium is coming up.  For some odd reason her tacrilimus level did not register even though she takes it twice a day.  Tacrolimus is used to prevent transplant rejection because it suppresses the activity of the cells in your immune system that would normally attack the transplanted tissue.  We'll check that again in about 10 days.  We also got through a dressing change without issue.  I've gotten very good at changing her dressing each week.  I swore I'd ride out the nurses changing it for as long as I could and honestly they still ask and I politely tell them I'll do it at home.  It is still hard for me to look at this contraption literally shoved into the jugular vein in her neck, but it's made our lives so much easier and I have the greatest appreciation for that.  Mireya still gives up a little noise when I have to clean the area, but it's nothing like when they do it in the clinic and she tells me how proud she is off me when I'm done.

Reya's hair is starting to grow.  Each day there is a little bit more than the day before.  Of course we make a big deal about it and she continues to ask me if it's growing like Rapunzel.  I tell her it will be back before she knows it.  The Princess Aurora band aid cures all things, even a rambuntious little girl, full of energy that bangs her head on the edge of a door.  Thank God her platelets are almost 300k.

Say an extra prayer for Emily and her family this evening.  Emily was admitted to the Bone Marrow Unit for her second stem cell transplant.  Emily was diagnosed with neuroblastoma a few days before Christmas and she has been fighting every since then.  Nothing is to difficult for God!  He is able to do the miraculous and that is what we are believing for.

It's Childhood Cancer Month and there are many activities going on this month to bring awareness and support to cancer and kids. Hopefully you were able to enjoy and support one of the many 'Cookies for Cancer' locations today.  Connor's Heroes will be sponsoring Diggity Fest on Sunday, September 18th at Westchester Commons.  Tickets are still available for this awesome family event.  Richmond's own Diggity Dudes will be in concert along with Hope Harris and Dan Zane.  For more info click here

We continue to rejoice in the progress Reya is making and we remain prayerful for our friends and all the kids we see in clinic each week. Praying for others is vital to our own spiritual growth.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.


  1. still prayin for you guys...and emily..
    take care-hug.

  2. Wonderful!! And isn't funny the effect band-aids (especially cartoon or princes themed ones) can have on a kid's attitude about a boo-boo? LOL

  3. Been thinking of you sweet reya!

    Love Shannon, Emilys mom