Saturday, September 3, 2011

On the Radio

oh, oh, oh, oh (sing it Donna Summer). We had a great time at the Children's Hospital of Richmond for their 2nd Annual Radiothon with Big Oldies 107.3 and 98.9 Liberty. Mireya threw on her Maxi dress, glittery flip flops and asked for her matching pink princess tiara cowboy hat. It was truly a vision of 'all girl' fun. Quentin and I had not really discussed what we wanted to talk about up until that point, so as we drove over to the hospital, we threw around a few things we definitely wanted to share if given the opportunity. We arrived and enjoyed some some goodies provided by Moe's Southwest Grill Thanks Moes! We had the chance to meet and speak with the Hospital organizers and then very briefly to the DJ for a quick Q&A before we were 'live' on the air.

The time went by so quickly, I honestly don't remember much of what we said, but #TeamBolton tag teamed it and the goal of 5 calls for our time slot was surpassed. Everyone told us we did a great job on air. We were happy to have the chance to share Mireya's story, but also to highlight how wonderful Children's Hospital has been to and for us throughout this entire journey of Mireya's illness. Thank you to those that tuned in and a special 'thank you' if you were able to make a donation for this awesome event. Over $132,000 was raised, all of which goes directly to the hospital to continue being a blessing to us and so many like us that also have a story and a journey.

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