Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to School

Jalen started school this week.  School was closed several days due to the hurricane.  Classroom notifications literally came out the day before orientation last week.  It was fun to message, text and check Facebook to see whose child was assigned to what teacher.  Jalen only ended up with two former classmates, both he liked a lot and had the chance to spend time with over the summer.  I couldn't believe not one little girl from last year is in his class.  He was sad that his favorite two girls would not be with him this year.  I'll miss their sweet faces and beautiful personalities too this year, but we now have 21 new friends to make this year.  I've heard nothing but great things about Jalen's teacher and we enjoyed meeting her last week.

We had the opportunity to communicate about Mireya's health and our concerns with illness and hand washing in class and just hoping she would help us out as best she could.  Both she and the principal were fabulous.  They had a brief sit down with the school nurse and formulated a letter to the parent's in Jalen's class about the importance of hand washing and kids staying home if/when they are sick, especially the risks due to Mireya's suppressed immune system.  Jalen was not named in the letter, but parents were informed of a 'classmates' situation and the importance of maintaining as healthy a environment as possible so the sibling's health and progress would not be compromised.  Kudos to the Teacher, Principal and Nurse for understanding how important this is for us and taking that extra step to ensure parent's were also aware.  Knowledge and awareness is half the battle.

This is always that week of getting back into the groove and resistance.  The girls want to get on the bus and Jalen wants to stay home because he thinks the girls are at home having more fun than he is.   Overall we've had a great week and we're looking forward to an awesome school year. 

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