Sunday, August 1, 2010


All my life I've been a writer. Always had a pen and paper in hand, capturing my thoughts. I started journaling as a teenager. Writing is an outlet that allows you to freely and openly express yourself. Your worries and fears, your hopes and dreams, your frustrations and your happiness. There are no rules. There is nothing better than a pen, a blank piece of paper and your thoughts. While in college, my English professor was a huge fan of my writing style. He strongly suggested I keep writing. I've never forgotten the conversations we had or the feedback I received from him. I enjoy blogging. I need to find time and discipline myself to do it more often. I also do some freelance writing. My husband is a awesome writer too. I love his writing style. When we were dating we often talked about the prospect of us writing a book or two. We all have a story to tell and an inspiration to share. I'm in the process of penning a few projects. I can't wait to actually complete them and see where the next level of writing takes me.

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