Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Germ Share Program

There's a program for everything. I've dubbed mine, well ours the germ share program. That's right the germs start with one child and undoubtedly will rotate through each child before it's over with. Sometimes it would just be better if everyone were sick and quarantined at the same time. It's so hard to keep everyone out of each others face, when all they want to do is love, hug and kiss one another, or your Kindergartner brings home the latest virus from school. One day it's a rash, the next a fever. Or perhaps it's a fever with no other accompanying symptoms. My children are the ones who seem to have a high tolerance for pain. They end up with a significant cough so we go in, only to find we have strept, double ear infections and bronchitis. It's classic and has happened more time than I care to recall. So we brace ourselves and pray that it will not move down the line. The copays and prescriptions alone can break the bank. And Lord forbid one of us get it. There is nothing worse than a house full of sick little ones and a sick stay@home Mom. Help! When that happens, my husband takes GREAT care of us. There was one time we were all down for the count. We tag teamed as best we could and just limped along until it was over. We rejoice over the weeks when everyone is well, but we understand there are a lot of instances where hand washing, Lysol, humidifiers and open windows just can't combat the madness.

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