Sunday, August 1, 2010


The show "Moonlighting' helped launch the careers of Cybil Shepard and Bruce Willis. A little Moonlighting is allowing me to supplement the our income and the little ones to do a variety of activities and lessons. I've taken on a contract as a consultant for a local media company. I handle all distribution, circulation, billing and payables for their corporate based accounts. Production hours are typically from 2am up until 7am or later, seven days a week. That's right, I'm hustling every day. There are days I may have the chance to get a hour of so of rest before starting the day with the rest of the crew. Being up for 19-20 hours a day is no joke and has been a major adjustment. It would be difficult for me to find something part-time to really work with our life schedule, school schedule and personal schedules. This would require having a sitter or placing the girls in a program. It defeats the purpose. My husband and I work together to make this work. Sometimes it feels like "Tag your it", but overall it works out. I continue to pray and ask the Lord to give me the capacity to do all that I need to do. And he does.. I'm looking to put some things in place that hopefully will give me a break, yet still allow me to manage this workload. Until then I keep pressing. This is not a forever solution. It is basically a means to an end.

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