Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sharing & Caring

Writing..Sharing..Speaking and Connecting...several things I'm extremely passionate about.  If I had to add a fifth, it would be 'Serving'....let's just add that because that is the essence of who I am.

I've enjoyed speaking on behalf of the many organizations we love and who have loved and supported us over these last two years (Faith and Family Church, ASK, Connor's Heroes Foundation, Starlight Foundation, Make A Wish Foundation, Give Kids the World, Children's Miracle Network ,Children's Hospital of Richmond) and the Miss Chesterfield Organization.

I love sharing our story, the goodness of God and the collective beauty of the human spirit.  As a result, I believe it has become a part of my mission and assignment to educate and bring awareness, participation and partnership to Organizations that are making a tremendous difference in the lives of others.

I've had the pleasure of partnering on several occasions over the last year with Children's Miracle Network and Children's Hospital of Richmond to speak with/to their local and national partners in an effort to allow these partners to 'see' and 'hear' the difference they are making.  As a result other avenues and opportunities have been birthed or opened up.  The Foundation contacted me last week to share they are launching a new group starting with #TeamBolton.

an excerpt from that message...

"This spring, we will initiate a new group within our Foundation and we’d like to begin with you. Families with Heart will be a group of involved, passionate and motivated patient families who want to continue to be involved and support our efforts to help CHoR through event participation, story-telling and at times, speaking opportunities"

I was truly humbled to receive this.  Don't ever underestimate the 'Power of One' far reaching one voice, one experience, or one decision can make or the impact/imprint it can have.

Ambassador.Champion.Advocate.Spokesperson.Supporter...stay tuned for more!

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