Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Illness & Revelation

 It's been so beautiful to witness Mireya living and enjoying life.  There are days I'm overcome with emotion at some of the simplest discoveries.

We had the opportunity to hang out with some awesome families from clinic a few weeks ago to attend the Circus.  The kids were looking forward to a special tour that was lined up for the afternoon, a dinner and then back to the Coliseum to enjoy the Circus.

The tour was amazing.  We had the opportunity to spend one on one time with the head Clown in Charge, some of the featured animal acts and enjoy the allure and fabulosity of all things circus.  It was really special to watch Asia, the elephant paint a lovely photo for the Connor's Heroes kids, but even more exciting to watch her gleefully gulp down her favorite treat (a whole loaf of bread).

We walked over to Gibson's Grill to enjoy the lovely fare they had set up for us.  It was so funny to see the kids go for the high chairs (bar stools) at the bar and order an assortment of juices and sodas.  The food was very tasty.  Midway through dinner Mireya was dragging.  She mentioned that her head and stomach were hurting.  I felt her head and she seemed to be fairly warm.  Hmmm...I've been out of the 'on edge over fever' for quite a while, so I did not have my thermometer on hand and surprisingly neither did any of the other Moms.  I became concerned the more I watched her demeanor and activity change, but she absolutely did not want to leave the 'Greatest Show on Earth'.  I decided to contact the First Aid area of the Coliseum to see if I could get here temperature taken. Low and behold a very nice Firefighter arrived within minutes to our location registering a 101.6 fever.  After calling Peds Hemoc, we were instructed to bring Mireya to the Pediatric ER to be looked at and for counts.  We decided to allow Jalen and Kinley to stay with the group and enjoy the show because ER visits are always so long.  Mireya decided she wanted Daddy to stay with her in the ER. So thankful for technology which allowed me to return to the Coliseum, keep track of Mireya's status while Jalen and Makinley enjoyed the remainder of the show.  Long after the Circus was over we were still in the ER making sure Mireya received the care and medications she needed for what appeared to be a viral infection.  The greatest feeling was receiving her counts and seeing that they were right where they needed to be.  Her white count was even elevated a bit, showing us that her bone marrow and body were doing exactly what they should when fighting against illness.  Jalen was quite anxious when we arrived because he thought he was going to have to 'do something' again to help his sister.  After hearing those counts, I looked at Jalen and gave him a 'high five' and a big hug...those SUPER cells are working beautifully.  It was a long late night, we didn't get home until close to 1am.

Through what 'appeared' to be a setback, God showed us beautiful counts, a body on it's job and fighting for wellness.  We're thankful this was something that could be easily addressed and happy for the revelation in the midst of it all.  This is definitely a win for #TeamBolton.

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