Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Bum Wheel

My week has consisted of being stretched out on a sofa with restricted movement, slipping in and out of a painkiller haze. So thankful for a husband who has taken 'extra wonderful' care of me, for my family and friends that have stepped in to be of assistance when needed.  It's been rough.

I had hoped to never have to endure another knee surgery, but this past week I had my sixth knee surgery.  Five scopes and an ACL reconstruction (attributed largely to my love of sports). This go round I had some meniscus tears to repair, along with some clean up to get done.  That was the plan until they got in there and saw the complete madness that has been going on since my last surgery.  It was a lot worse than originally expected and required a bit more to address. There were issues that will definitely affect the stability of my knee going forward and the things I'll be able to comfortably do.  I have a follow-up appointment to discuss a lot of those points, but for's quite a challenge.

I'm thankful for mobility and use of my limbs. Praying for a swift and speedy recovery.  Also believing for a plan that allows me to remain active and maintain the quality and fulfillment of activities I enjoy.

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