Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Celebrating Good Times

Celebrate good times c'mon....let's celebrate (a little Kool & the Gang).  The hubs got a new job and a celebration is in order. I'm extremely proud and super excited about this next level for him professionally. We're celebrating purposeful changes I'm making with success.  You can do anything you believe in and set your mind to.  We're also celebrating because Mireya's hair is really starting to grow.  Her little head is 'almost' fully covered with a thin layer of fine hair and every time she reaches up there and 'feels' it, it makes her smile.  Most importantly this past week we celebrated reaching the 100 Day Mark post transplant.

Mireya continues to do well.  We found out at our appointment this week following a chest x-ray that she has pneumonia, so she has been given antibiotics to address that.  A few counts continue to fluctuate for no good reason, but the overall picture is good.  Day 100 is considered a major milestone.  By this time period, you are considered past the worst of the procedure and on the path to recovery. There is some significant testing she will have done next week that will give us an in depth look at her cell makeup and progress since the transplant.  The full recovery process is slow and in some instances could take two years for the immune system to be reconstituted.  We we are believing Reya's health will be 100% by her new birth/life day July 6th. Day 100 has allowed us to eliminate several of the medications Mireya takes daily, which is awesome!!!  We don't fully know what Day 100 buys us in our day to day life??  I was hoping for a little more freedom, but it seems like everything I've asked about being able to do has been sidelined until further notice, BUT we know and celebrate that it is a major medical milestone and that is what counts the most.

So many things to celebrate and be thankful for.  God moves even in the midst of our darkest days and times.  He allows us to see and be reminded that he is with us in and through it all.  Thank you for your continued love, support, thoughts and prayers!!!


  1. Yay!!! So happy for Day 100 and 100X100 more. Peace and Blessings to you and your family!

  2. I am so very excited for all of you; you're past day 100; Dad's got a new position ... and Mireya's getting her hair back!!! What a blessing! Our God is truly awesome! Our congregation, Image Bearer Ministries, continues to pray for you all.

    Pastor G. G. Young

  3. Wonderful!! Great news! Thank God!