Friday, December 9, 2011

First Step Preschool

The girls are super excited about attending the First Step Preschool Program.  We had the chance to go to the First Step Preschool party to see everyone and it was awesome.  When we arrived the girls did some fun crafts and 'hand'y artwork.  Mireya and Makinley loved shaking the bells and banging the sticks during circle song time....twas a lovely noise fest.

Lunch was served and games were played. Anytime you have a blindfolded kid that spins around several times, then tries to make his/her mark, expect laughter and there was plenty of that.  Pin the tail on Rudolph was definitely a crowd pleaser.  The children had so much fun and were full of surprise and expectation as the elves led each one to the 'present room' where they received a gift selected just for them.  Most of the boxes were as big as the children and they loved ripping into their packages to see what special gift Santa left for them this early.  There were smiles shining all across the room.

The best part for me was seeing the joy in their eyes.  This was an opportunity to be out, with other kids (outside of the clinic), having a good time.  A very special 'thank you' to the Middlesex FBLA and all the cheery volunteers that made this such a special occasion for every child there.  I loved reconnecting with several Moms I've not seen in a few months and also meeting some new ones.  We are all in this boat together and it is such a awesome blessing to be able to talk to and share with other Moms that can relate specifically to where you are.  I also learned that one of the families will be taking their 'Make A Wish' trip to Disney in a few weeks. We we're recently notified that Mireya's wish has been granted and signed off on by her medical team, so it will be great to hear all about their trip before we go. 

We are so thankful to ASK for the First Step program.  First STEP (Socialization Through Enriched Play) is offered through ASK to provide supportive services for young children whose preschool or kindergarten experience has been postponed or interrupted during medical treatment.  First STEP offers an individualized early childhood educational program for ASK Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic patients and families and is designed to meet the unique educational, social and emotional needs of young children with chronic illnesses as they go through the process of healing. The program consists of several kids currently in treatment and several in the maintenance phase of treatment.  The girls had an awesome first day and it is something we will all be looking forward to each week.

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