Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sister Girls

My girls are 22 months apart. At a glance they look somewhat alike, but we are often asked if they are twins. I guess they could be fraternal twins if you look beyond the huge difference in height? Maybe it's the matching outfits? My motto lately has been 'why buy one cute outfit when you can get two?' I spend quite a bit of time doing damage control on 'why she has this and 'I don't' or 'I want to wear that too'. Dressing them alike does make that process simpler, cuts down on the fussing and I'll only get away with it for so long. I can get away with not dressing them alike, but inevitably someone is fussing that they want what the other one has on, especially dresses, shoes and pjs.

It's has gotten this way with toys too. Is it wrong to have two of most things or at least a variation for the sake of peace. On one hand, you've taken the emphasis away from the significance of sharing. However, it never fails someone is always playing with something the other is also interested in playing with. I'd rather buy the two $5 dolls and have peaceable play. If we happen to go to McDonalds, I specifically ask for the same girl toys if possible. So we have no fussing, crying or whining. We are also now in a Disney Princess phase. Everything Snow White, Jasmine, Tiana, Cinderella, not so much Mulan (although Jalen thinks she is cool), Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty. The other day we found the Sleeping Beauty Polly Pocket for Reya and of course Kinley wanted one too. She picked Princess Tiana. I thought we would have drama, but other than a few squabbles they've managed to work it out. The Disney Princess Encyclopedia is another story. Kinley can't even read but man she puts up a fight for this book. We currently have it on loan from the library. I'm holding out on this one for now, but I'll probably look for a good deal on ebay or Amazon as a birthday or Christmas gift for them both. I'm certain they will outgrow this, especially as their likes begin to change. Although Reya will likely remain the Princess. She inherited that gene from somewhere.

I was never like this with my sisters. Well there was one incident I distinctly remember. My sister had to get a shot and I remember crying and begging to get one too?! Talk about twisted sibling dynamics, what was I thinking? My sisters did dolls, and all that stuff. I was more inclined to be outside playing games, riding my bike or exploring my surroundings. If it was raining outside then you would likely find me playing dolls, house or an array of games we made up as kids. My girls love dressing up, having tea parties and playing dolls, but please make sure they can dress alike, play with the same doll and have a similar place setting @ the table. It guarantees a fun time for everyone, especially Mommy who can focus on something other than being a referee.


  1. This is too funny!! Isn't funny what we do to just have peace & sanity just for a few minutes of our day being a mom of little ones?? Love reading your post... we should get our kids together sometime!! (:

  2. Thank you would. Would love to get together!