Friday, April 6, 2012

Highs and Lows

We've spent the last few days in and out of clinic to determine why Mireya's platelets have taken a nose dive and she has started having petechiae and bruising on her body....a moment of silence and deep breaths are needed here because seeing this hit us like a ton of bricks.  We had not imagined after what has been deemed a successful bone marrow transplant, that we would see the signs that started us on this journey eleven months ago.

This is also puzzling to our medical team. The best we can imagine is a virus of some sort is destroying her platelets.  Mireya's platelet count has declined over the last few visits, but have remained in a healthy range.  At one point they were 375k and they are now 50k.  50k is better than the 15k and lower that required the continual platelet transfusions, but platelets can be depleted quickly and we're uncertain of when this steadier decline began. Counts have been checked, tests have been initiated and Reya will have to undergo a bone marrow biopsy (for which she will be anesthesized) next week.  The bone marrow biopsy will be done to evaluate the bone marrow function.  It will also evaluate the effectiveness of her meds and assist in determining the reason behind the low platelet count.

Chimerism testing (engraftment analysis) is also being conducted. This test involves identifying the cellular make up of Reya's system.  This is a very significant test that essentially will show boy, girl or a mix of both. Our prayer is boy will be prevalent which would be target since Jalen was the donor. Girl would indicate Mireya's cells are wrecking shop on the success of the transplant.  A mix of boy and girl would be acceptable and can exist successfully as long as there is a higher percentage of boy.  There are a few ways to look at it medically, but the answers will come after the results of all these test are compiled and we know exactly what is going on.  A full reconstitution of the immune system following a transplant can take up to 19 months.  We are over halfway there.  For now, Mireya has been placed back on several of her medications.  We're unsure if she actually needs them, but the team would rather have them in place to support her system as opposed to waiting until next week and determining we've wasted several days by not doing so sooner.

I'm a pretty patient person, but waiting for test results challenges my patience and resolve.  On the plus side projects have been moved along, things have been organized/reorganized and my house is super clean.  Anyone else move into 'git r done' mode while feeling helpless as you wait?  You have to do something with those emotions and thoughts that try to consume you.  May as well be productive and exhaust yourself in the process.  The Drs. mentioned a plus we have on our side is 'we still have Jalen'.  We know of several instances where sibling donor transplants have failed, but it is usually identified soon after the transplant.  Jalen is a perfect donor match for his sister should we have to go that route.  Despite having gone through it already and knowing all the variables, we DO NOT want Jalen, Mireya or our family to have to go through this part of the process again.

God is STILL working this out. We've been shaken, but remain grounded in our faith. I don't believe we've come this far (by faith) and with such success for this to fall apart. There is power in prayer and we thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers as we wait and continue to trust the Lord.

God is Sovereign and is faithful to complete every good work he has started. Philippians 1:6


  1. Sending prayers your way....Love you!!!

  2. My heart is soo heavy reading this. My prayers are for TeamBolton.I stand with you on Philippians 1:6.

  3. Venus before I sat down to reply I stopped to pray right here at my computer. I stand with you and I stand with Deacon Fraites on Philippians 1:6. I will conitnue to pray.

  4. Praying for you all! You are such a strong woman with such an amazing faith! I fight daily to stay strong like you! Hold tight to those "Babies" as I try to hold tight to mine. Love ya girl! Susan Mallory

  5. Thoughts and prayers to you all. Much love, L

  6. Please know that your Baltimore family is thinking of you and keeping you in prayer!
    Shannon and Family