Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update 2011

Everyone is asleep and I'm taking a few minutes to blog =) These last few months have been a whirlwind of activities, illness and simply growing up.

The household is just getting over our fair share of illness, along with the share of a few families on the block. We've gone from strep twice, to pneumonia twice, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinus and upper respiratory infections, viruses, breathing treatments to finally a week of reprieve. The last several weeks have turned our bathroom into a small pharmacy and our co-pays totaled over $400. I'm grateful that everyone is better this week and praying it will stay that way.

Watching the children get older implies that I'm getting old too. I keep telling myself and anyone else that will listen that "someone is getting older, but it's not me" that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Paris turned 18 in December. She works hard and has done a good job of maintaining her academics. This Senior Year is just flying by. Seems like school just started, yet there are only about 70 days left of school. Seniors pictures, cap and gown orders, yearbook and so on and so forth. The biggest tasks this year is applications, applications, applications. Paris hopes to play softball at the collegiate level. We've been getting quite a bit of interest of several schools for her to play on scholarship. College visits, decisions and choices. We are narrowing our options and by process of elimination getting closer to agreeing on what will be best for her. I can't believe my baby girl, my only girl for so many years will be graduating and going off to school. This realization has made me feel like everyday we have together is so precious, because the days will be arriving soon that she will not be here. That makes me very sad, but also happy for this next chapter of her life.

Jalen turned 6 in December. Kindergarten has been eye opening. Jalen is such a sweet boy. He is like his mother and is quite sensitive. His sensitivity extends to and through others. It's interesting that he is so much like me in this regard. Jalen had some struggles during those initial weeks with bullying (who knew this started in Kindergarten), and just transitioning. The difference a few months make. I'm convinced the issues he encountered early on were due to a few kids trying to find their place. In finding their place they acted out their anxieties on the kid who seemed the most caring, but that could be tormented a bit in the process. Jalen has come into his own. He is thriving and enjoying school. He also started Tae Kwon Do and really loves it. He exhibits some true leadership qualities. We continue to push him and in return he is showing us what he is made of. We are very proud of him.

Mireya will be 4 soon. She is our princess. Not sure how 'I' ended up with one of those. I was the furthest thing from it. A borderline tomboy that like to look cute. No dolls for me. All sports and fun activities. Somehow she got this princess gene. Mireya enjoys changing her clothes a million times a day. She prefers dresses. She really doesn't think anything other than a dress or skirt is 'cute.' She is very strong willed, but has very soft feelings. So you sort of have to watch, not so much what you say, but how you say it to her. She is a nurturer. She loves to take care of things and people. She is also the more reserved one of the bunch. It takes her a while to flow into a crowd because she is more observant and guarded. Mireya started dance a few months ago. She really loves it. She is so graceful, plus she gets to wear a cute you know she is all about it.

Makinley is my ball of fire. She just turned 2 yesterday. This girl is rough and stuff, but she likes to be cute too. Kinley can run, roll and hang with her brother on one hand, then dress up, play dolls and have a tea party with her sister. She is literally growing up at a rapid pace before my eyes. Makinley is the one you have to watch. Unlike her brother or sister, she is ALWAYS in something. She typically operates in stealth mode, so more than the usual, you have to always know what she is doing. Otherwise you never know what destruction she is unleashing. If you can't see her or hear her, something is up. She definitely keeps us on our toes. Makinley loves her brother and sisters. I've dubbed the little ones 'The Three Amigos", but they all love and look up to their Big Sister Paris. Makinley started a dance class a few weeks ago. She is my "don't stop, get it, get it girl. The girl has rhythm, and loves music and to dance. It is so cute to watch the little ones out their incorporating fundamental skills with music and creative movement.

There is never a dull moment. Life remains full and fun. It's always better when we are all well and sharing love, instead of germs.

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