Friday, February 25, 2011

Called & Qualified

Professional Speaker/Trainer, Writer, Wellness Consultant, Mommy, Wife, Individual. What a tag line and mouthful. I'm not one that is big on titles. Actually just use me and allow me to do the work and the recognition could never come and I'll be fine because I don't do or seek out things for acclaim. I met a dynamic young lady a few weeks ago and she changed my perspective on a lot of things. I shared with her that her time here ignited and propelled me to things I quite frankly should have already been doing or walking in. She talked about calling those things that are not as though they were. I know this scripture well, but only applied it to myself sparingly. We have to say it, believe it and put action to it. So yes I am all those things in the tag line. I am capable and qualified to be and consider myself every one of them.

I believe people are called or gifted to do certain things. Whether you consciously do anything in your life with those talents and gifts, they still exist within you. Lying dormant until you encounter something or someone that allows you for even the briefest of moments to be ignited to take action. I've been ignited. I can't go another day without doing the things that will move me toward the goals and destiny I've been called to. To my purpose. My heart is to love and serve others. To be a source of encouragement and support. I also know that many of the things I've gone through were not just for me but to bless and lift up others dealing with the similar issues or challenges. Isn't it awesome to know someone else that has been there, bought the t-shirt and survived. Some of the things I've encountered or endured I don't know how or why, but God does and he has kept his hand of protection on me and my life to share.

Everyone has a story to tell and an inspiration to share. A prophet told me over 2 years ago that he saw me going out and speaking to women all over. He also shared there were books in me that needed to be written. I've known this about myself for years. Fear can keep you treading in place and moving no where. I received this word and still did nothing. Within the last year the urgency to write and finish this project has consumed me, but still I've lingered. It's a new day and I expect to complete this project this year. I'm keeping myself accountable to this timetable. In the meantime I'm also enjoying blogging and writing web based articles on Skin Care and Beauty.

Professional Speaker/Trainer: Everyone who know me knows, I've never met a stranger and I love to talk. I'm passionate about connecting with people. I've had the chance to speak before so many people over the years. Whether it was an audience of one or a audience of a hundred. I've done a lot with women's groups and organization, schools, hospitals, small businesses and the list goes on. I also developed a program designed specifically for young ladies and teens. Toastmasters is a powerful organization that enhances and increase public speaking skills and leadership. I was very heavily involved in Toastmasters, helping to charter a new club and serving as the first President of that group. The time in my life will return where I'll find myself more active. For now I visit and participate in Special Events as I can.

I'm a Trainer at heart. I started working as a Trainer about 16 years ago for a property management company. Initially I was the Training Assistant and within a year was promoted to the Training Director. I handled every aspect of training for leasing, bookkeeping, the service departments and management personnel spanning across 24 properties in Richmond and North Carolina. This was one of the best jobs I ever had. You know the one you would do for free. I loved it. Prior to leaving Virginia to pursue big things in NYC, I had a chance to put my work on film for a Training Video the company used for new hires. Training re-entered my life during my IT days. I led, developed, and coordinated training for my teams, the corporate employees and the sales force on corporate initiatives, programs and our ever evolving technologies. I've led training sessions for models on dos & dont's, runway and the industry overall. I was also selected by a local mega-ministry to train and lead classes for new members based on Rick Warren's Membership model/module. Training is something I truly enjoy. I believe I've proven myself to be an effective trainer by capturing my audience and creating a fun and positive atmosphere. This environment keeps participants engaged and allows them to learn and retain information regardless of the topic.

I've worked in the Skin Care, Spa and Wellness arena for over 15 years. Going out into the community and showing people how to take care of their skin, look younger, eliminate stress and make wellness a priority. I've used the products I sell for over 16 years and they are undeniably the best on the market. I love being able to help clients address issues they are having with their skin, or to see someone give themselves permission to take a 'pause for the cause' in a Spa Session. It is very rewarding.

Wife and Mother are my greatest accomplishments and blessings. I have the most incredible husband. He makes me feel so loved and cherished. I don't know where I'd be without him (especially with all these little ones running around). We have found our groove, our balance and Team Bolton is in full effect. My children are a large part of my blogging, so we all know the fun and joy they bring on any given day. Each of their lives is truly a gift. That is a book in itself. We went through so much to hear those sweet little voices call us Mommy and Daddy. I pray often that the Lord allow me to be all he has called me to be as their Mom. The opposition was so great in having each of them come into this world.

Parallel to all these things I have to understand that I'm an individual. A individual with dreams, goals and aspirations. I can't be like the next person. I strive to be the best me I can be. Right now I'm in a great place and I'm just taking one step at a time to arrive at the at next place of greatness for me.

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