Friday, September 3, 2010

Loose Tooth

My son had a loose tooth. Not one but two. He woke telling me that his tooth wouldn't get out the way? Your tooth won't get out the way...hmmm. That's a new one. Well upon further inspection, he was absolutely right. To my surprise his adult tooth has been waiting to come in and had begun to present itself upright behind his little baby tooth. Yikes! Well I have been through this before, but I admit I've never seen this. I quickly called the dental office for an appointment. Our dentist explained there was no need to be alarmed. He hears from concerned parents at least once a week for this exact issue. It's completely normal. I was glad to know I wasn't overreacting. We were told the tooth should come out within a few weeks. He instructed my son to wiggle it every night to help it along.

Well after about three and a half weeks of wiggling, that tooth was still holding on. I could see it was just hanging on by a thread. I got some floss and flossed around the tooth and it popped right out. A warm salt water mixture helped to sooth the area and stop the little bleeding that occurred. My son was excited, but also upset because he believed he 'looked foolish' with his tooth gone. Little did he realized that most kids lose a tooth and that space remains empty for quite some time. He already had a tooth ready and waiting to take up residence in that very place. I reminded him how super handsome he is. That's my job...butter up the situation. I also did my best to help him understand how everyone had to go through this process.

Our next state of business was getting that tooth under the pillow for a special visit that he'd been hearing about since he started going to the Dentist. We'd recently switched to a Pediatric Dental practice closer to us. Our previous Dentist had a Tooth Fairy Line that you called when you lost a tooth. The children got to listen to a really cool message from the Tooth Fairy about her upcoming visit. I polled a few friends on Facebook on the going rate for a lost tooth? I was amazed by some of the responses. $5 was a common number I heard. What?! 5 bucks...I've got 3 little ones. That's a lot of mula. So I let Daddy handle it and my son was very excited to tell me that he received 3 quarters under his pillow. Okay, so I would have given him a dollar, but we can work towards that. His second baby tooth is very loose and you guessed it, the adult tooth has crowned and is in position to take it's place. 18 more to go...times 3.

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