Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayers for Newtown

I've sat here most of the day with a pit in my stomach as the ruthlessness of these events has unfolded.  So much is going on in our world that is out of control.  My heart is broken and aching for the families of the children and adults killed senselessly today.  It's apparent that some sort of domestic family situation played out and the helpless victims were just going through the routine of their day.  It's unimaginable.  I cannot fathom being a parent who sent my sweet, innocent child to school only to be placed on standby without knowing if they are dead or alive.  We've taken prayer out of schools.  We need prayer more than anything.  We have to cover ourselves and our families in prayer.  There is madness going on all over the world.  Hug your children and those you love and tell them you love them!  My son got of the bus and I just held him close with tears in my eyes.  No one knows the day or the hour....the Lord welcomed 20 little angels into heaven today.  Keep these families lifted as they have to go through identifying and burying their children.  No parents should have to bury their 5 year old child.  The pit in my stomach has yet to subside, the heaviness in my heart will linger on.  The pain in these parents hearts will last forever.  I'm thankful for those that were positioned to quickly get children and themselves to safety.  More information will become available as the story unfolds, but nothing will change the terror of these events.  I'm praying for the hearts and minds of these precious little ones that witnessed such a tragic and horrific ordeal. There is a lot of damage control to be done.  Console our hearts Lord, bring comfort in the midst of this the unthinkable.


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