Thursday, November 1, 2012

Higher Higher

Over the last few weeks, Reya has been putting out the best counts we've seen in over a year!  We're still remaining very watchful over delicate skin issues, but overall Mireya is tracking well. She had her first pentamadine treatment since the summer today.  She was not thrilled, but she managed to get through it quickly.  It was a long and tedious day in clinic, but we're thrilled to have such a positive response happening.  Chimerism testing shows a slight decrease in Mireya's cells count, which is very favorable.  We trust that everything we've been standing on to for over 18 months will continue to come to pass.  Healing and victory over Aplastic Anemia!

I can't believe the first nine weeks of school is almost over.  Jalen is making it happen and we're so happy about Mireya's Homebound instruction.  It's really wonderful for her to have this time daily to focus on learning.  Some days she's for it, other days she's less cooperative, but she is doing extremely well.  

Isolation continues to be a struggle. The children don't always understand why certain things are not an option for us right now, but we do our best to keep them engaged and keep it moving.  Isolation won't last forever (even if it feels like it) and brighter days without restrictions are definitely in our future.  Can hardly wait......thank you for continuing to pray for and with us.


  1. When that isolation ends, I'd like to be first on the play date list! My kids are always asking about u guys. Thru your pics and our prayer time they've really made a connection with your lil people.

  2. <3 you can count it....thank you!

  3. Praise God! I'm so glad to hear her counts are what we're believing God for. Are you all game for any visitors?

  4. Aww thank you Cheryl! Would love to see you guys...I'd feel better about doing so after Thanksgiving. =)