Monday, October 1, 2012

Round & Round

The world of counts, labs, cells and test is ever evolving. Mireya's counts have been good, her chimerism ratios are getting tricky, but we're still believing and trusting God.  It was noted in our last appointment that Mireya's skin 'appeared' to be dry and her lips seem to be in a revolving state of chapped and cracked.  I've seen cases of both chronic and acute GVHD and the natural instinct is to saturate the skin in every moisturizing and protective lotion and potion available, but the dryness and chapping associated with GVHD is not remedied by simply applying lotions or cremes. Fortunately, there's a low percentage of GVHD in sibling donor cases, but these occurrences have our Medical Team concerned about Graft vs. Host Disease.  We are continuing to confess the word over Mireya's body and against GVHD.  We know that dry skin and cracked/chapped lips are also common side affects of chemotherapy.  It's definitely something to keep an eye on and it remains on the top of our prayer list. We're thankful Mireya's counts are increasing and holding steady.  We choose to place our focus on the positive progress. Everything that concerns us, concerns God and he's working it out despite how it 'appears' or the 'implied' negative that rolls across the radar.   

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