Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still Fighting

We're back on the rollercoaster.  Last week we had very encouraging news as it was readily apparent that Mireya's body was attempting to rally back from this sudden downward turn.  Our last appointment showed decreased counts and over the last several days increased bruising all over.  It's a very troubling visual of what 'appears' to be failing on the inside.  Reya's Tacrilumus was increased to a dose we're not totally comfortable with, but we'll see if it makes a difference in this week's counts.  Overall she's had a good energy level and has been in good spirits.  I'm not a rollercoaster rider, I actually have issues with motion sickness.  There is no thrill in this ride, the ups and downs are draining and the sickness is just heartache from the uncertain and unresolved.  We continue to take it one day at a time, praying Reya's body will get it right and start functioning as expected.  Keep us lifted in prayer.  Despite it all we remain hopeful and know that in the end, we'll have victory!

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