Saturday, January 14, 2012

Miss America

Miss Chesterfield Delesia Amanda Watson now on the road to Miss America

From Miss Chesterfield last week to Miss America this week, my girl has been enlightened and totally turned on.  For four years I've been asking 'how' I got a princess.  Where that gene came from.  She loves all things girly, frilly, twirly, glitzy and glammy (is that a word...rhymes with whammy)  Big bucks no whammy's, my girl loves to be glammy.

I was a 'psuedo' tom boy and only played with dolls and did girly things when it was likely raining outside and I had to play inside with my sisters.  Total jock, BUT I did like to 'look' cute.  I'm not saying female athletes aren't concerned with how they look, but when I was coming up and it mattered, most of them did not.  So I must distinguish myself from that era of jockettes.  Oddly enough I went on to become a working model, go figure.  On a tangent I know, how I ended up with a total, undeniable princess I don't know, but I love that girl.

When Mireya saw the pageant was on TV she was so excited.  She oohed and awed at the swimsuits, the gowns, the glitzy Express tops (those were cute) and so many pretty shoes.  A few of the contestants walked on stage as if they were galloping on a horse.  I made a comment about them being bouncy and Reya started to critique the remaining ladies, asking me if they were too bouncy. Reya is hilarious and a quick study.  We fell asleep before it was over, but I DVD'd it and have the sneaking suspicion that we'll be watching it over and over again.

Last week, Mireya participated in Miss Chesterfield's non-competitive Princess Program where she enjoyed watching the contestants dance, sing and perform monologues. A few days later, she and her sister put on their leotards and ballet slippers and started to dance.  I will say this as my heart bursts with emotion, Mireya is so graceful and elegant in her movements it's simply beautiful to watch.  She took one dance class (shout out to Ms. Christy @JMSD) , but does moves, leaps and jumps as if she's been taking classes for a few years.  I LOVE watching her expression of dance.  At any moment I expected to hear Debbie Allen doing a 5,6,7,8 countdown, because it was a small Fame showcase all the live long day.  Around snack time, Reya sat down and I told her how beautiful and graceful of a dancer I think she is.  She smiled, looked up at me and said 'it's my talent'.

So there you have it.  In her mind it totally clicked that although she and her fellow pageant sisters, wore the dress, were crowned and sashed, they did not perform a talent as the older participants did and she just wanted me to know that dancing was hers.....loved it!  Dancing make her so happy and I can't wait until she can be in a dance class setting again.  Another wonderful milestone to look forward to.

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