Saturday, February 20, 2010

She's Given Up the Boob

Say it isn't so. My fourth and final little one started exhibiting signs of giving up breastfeeding and just like that she has. I've nursed them all about a year or more. It's time to pack up the girls and move forward in freedom. Hmm a freedom that is bittersweet. Breastfeeding creates such a indescribable bond and connection. I'm definitely going to miss it. Not to mention all the mula we've saved in being the primary source of nourishment. Now it's time to be free to plan outings without fear of remaining on task with a feeding schedule. I'm a pretty open person but I can count on my two hands the number of times I broke the boob out in public. For me it was necessary to feed my children on schedule, but I often ensured it was when I would have the opportunity to do it privately at my own discretion. Don't get me wrong their were days I was caught out there, but quickly opted for a fitting room, family nursing spot or as a last resort the backseat of my mini-van.

It's likely I'll have withdrawals from this awesome experience, but in the end I feel good about the opportunity for that level of closeness and all the good, bad and funny experiences nursing has provided. Trust me they are countless. From what in the world was I thinking to purchase a single 'manual' pump to purchasing the very costly but couldn't live without big kahuna. Then there was latching problems to cloggled ducts to the dreaded and painful mastitis....ugh. Or I'm out in a store and hear a baby cry...oh my. Or I'm so full is anyone's child hungry...I know perish the thought...but in the moment that's how you feel. My children were all very easy to get acclaimated to breastfeeding and I'm grateful. So what's next? The Mom Job I've been hearing about? Can you imagine what nursing 4 kids for over a year can do to the twins? They may eventually need some work or at least a tune up =)

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